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NetGammon offers to their Premium members the opportunity to win awards in the form of time extensions to their accounts as follows:
Daily Tournaments:
Each of Daily Tournaments awards an extension to the player who has the most Master points at the end of each month.   Master points are given to the players based on position.   First place receives 8, second place 4, and third and fourth place receive 2 each. 
  Tournament Award
  AussieDreamTime 1 month
  SharkAttack 1 month
  TheChallenge 1 month
  MiniMadness 6 weeks
  Chicago_Shoot_Out 1 month
  TheWolvesDen 1 month
  Smile 1 month
  Goudurix 1 month
  GammonMania 1 month
  Backgam-O-Rama 1 month
Weekend Tournaments: Week extensions are for Premium players only.
  Host Marathon 1 week
  BlueRibbon 1 week
  Fast-Fun 1 week
  Surprize 1 week
Special Events: To be determined based on the event.